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yeah, pretty much

I Waste So Much Time

pin all the things. So funny 'cause that's exactly how it happened!

This doesn't really apply to me since sometimes I don't get on, But it's still really funny.

If I'm not on Pintrest for more than 2 days Call the police.so true for me :)

Omg, I just can't believe how many people feel this way! I'm so glad I'm not a lone! LOL!!! Too true!

Planning an outfit in your head isn’t always accurate…especially when its a "going out" outfit

Watching tv with acquaintances; watching tv with best friends forever.

And then I'll go a day without it, and then freak out and repeat the process. Over and over and over.  I've done this with so many Les Mis songs it's not even funny :D

My relationship with new music…

Hey, this song is pretty cool! I must play it until I hate it =). - that's story of my life :-D


Completely random, mostly funny partial dump.

Totally me. I am incapable of doing the macarena without trying to sing it. pshh, why else would a 35 year old woman do the macarena?

I can type decently, but I think the people who created this seriously overestimated the strength and power of my pinkies... Bc they are slackers compared to what this says they're capable of.

How I type. No matter how many classes the teachers made me take. They called it "pecking" I am closer to "typing" put for now i still use that one finger.

How Are People Like Refrigerators?

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When I hear that my crush likes someone else.<<<When you hear your crush likes your best friend.