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ellen heck - from the "forty fridas" series:

curated contemporary art /// ellen, amy, and zoe at the fig house

Robert Arneson, (Portrait Busts PowerPoint by Nancy Walkup on Slide Share)

George and Mona in the Baths of Coroma. A ceramic sculpture by Robert Arneson that I first encountered decades ago at the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, D.

colour study: orange x cobalt blue

Éric Hibelot & Jean-Marc Fondimare are French ceramic designers that together are, l’atelier des garçons…

birdsd by woodcum

Lovely, strange and stained illustrations from Woodcum in Moscow

Native American Ceremonial Masks Clay Southwest American Indian Mask Navajo

Clay Southwest American Indian Mask -Acoma (m2)

Beautiful hand crafted mask is perfect for any southwestern or native style decor.

the royal art lodge Michael Dumontier Marcel Dzama Neil Farber, Drue Langlois Jonathan Pylypchuk Adrian Williams

The Royal Art Lodge

the elephants made then a bridge , but both were too shy to cross

shary boyle art 22

"I've often heard of puking Rainbows.

Edgar Degas

The Dancer by Edgar Degas, vintage ballet throw pillow. The Dancer Artist: Edgar Degas The Dancer is a vintage impressionist fine art portrait painting featuring a ballerina with her hands behind her head. A ballet dancer in repose.