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Vintage White Dial Telephone

Love this vintage phone. Would be a really cool home phone. (If people still had those these days)

vintage, antique, telephone, blue

beechwood 4-5789...hahaha...yep, these were our phones! You could stretch those cords all over the house to get away from nosey listeners...and they were sturdy! Indestructible!

I wish I to you, need to hear your voice. I am a greedy pushy pest

♥. I use my cell for everything, but I'd pay for home phone service just so I could use one of these sometimes.

TetraPhones offer a Range of Office Phones and Business Telephone Systems to support single or multi-user environments.

My husband and I thought we were trendsetters because we chose a red telephone.

The old phone is ringing. Who is calling? Is the call for you or someone else? Why are they calling you?

Old awesome phone by A Bella Life, via Flickr. Im sure kids today would look at this and be like.."mommy/daddy... What is this huge contraption?"