Use ANY canvas, apply stickers, decal, etc., and spray paint. Remove Decals; hang white lights behind it....this is wicked awesome! This would be an awesome unconventional night light for a kids bedroom.

DIY Backlit Canvas Art

Use any canvas, apply stickers, decal, etc., and spray paint. Remove decals; hang white lights behind it.

lamp version of the canvas light

Fabric Bleach Art #DIY

Lighted Canvas - You can get Canvas from any art supply store (Exp: Hobby Lobby). Then paint it however you would like. Mark your design layout on the back of Canvas and gently press an awl through the canvas to make a hole just big enough for the light bulb. Take Christmas Lights and press a bulb into each hole and secure with craft clue lwhitlock71

45 Smart Creative and Beautiful DIY Wall Art Ideas For Your Home

Love the hanging vine decals

❥ Umbrella frame without the cloth, spray painted white, then draped with a long line of little white christmas lights, and hung out on the porch, charming!

OMG - I must learn how to do this so that I can leave toilet paper art randomly at other people's homes! ;)

Cover a light bulb with a doily and spray paint it. The light will shine the pattern onto the walls.

Awesome String-light DIY

lay lace on paper, spray with clear gloss spray, remove lace, paint with watercolors

Spray paint, canvas and doily's... by phyllis

turn glass into mirrors! had no idea this existed!

use pennies, spray paint silver

DIY! Shrinky dink rings

Lighted canvas in whatever pattern. Could be used as a soft night light.

Home Is Wherever I Am With You - Map Background Instead of Flowers

Canvas. One large image, lots of small squared images mod-podged onto a canvas.