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Closure activity: 3-2-1 I'm stealing this! exit slip

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3-2-1 ELA English Language Arts Reading Closure Activity

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How To Teach Guided Reading

Great list of questions/statements for teachers and/or students to use during guided reading!

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Free poster download! The 3-2-1 Strategy is one example of many formative assessments.

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321 Exit Ticket

Exit Tickets For High School

this is a good idea for elementary and middle school students! With some twists added it would be good for high school students! >3

Teachers Pay Teachersfrom Teachers Pay Teachers

Higher Order Thinking Across the Curriculum: Formative Assessment Exit Slips

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Formative Assessment Ideas Middle School

Exit slip ideas

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Many uses for the same idea...

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FREE print-and-teach materials to use with ANY TED Talk. Works for EVERY subject area!

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Big Idea: On the first day of school, I not only distribute the required course syllabus and play a name game with my students, but I also spend a majority of the time introducing two critical classroom procedures: the talking box and how to exit.

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Does your brain feel like it's short circuiting? Are your hands so tired they're just about ready to fall off? Quick! Grab a dice and roll to see what quick and fun activity you can do to wake your body up!

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Laminate, have students write the answer to an exit slip with dry erase marker. Color code by class. Good way to quickly assess. Kids grab ticket on way in the room, drop in basket on way out.

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MUST use this site for my summer planning!!!! Now I'm leaning towards using a spiral notebook again instead of a 2-inch binder. Interactive Student Notebook - A unique resource that will change that way you teach & the way your students learn forever!!!! The ultimate differentiating Instruction & alternative assessment tool!!! Over 100 pages!!!!

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Asses Yourself! 1. I do not yet understand. I need coaching. 2. I am starting to understand. I need coaching for now. 3. I understand! I make a few, small mistakes at times. 4. I understand very well. I could explain this clearly to others. (Blog post about helping students)

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6Th Grade Science Classroom Decorations

Teachers Notebook- Early Finisher activities <3 #5

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Create your own jeopardy...and it's FREE!!!!

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Literature Circle Activities (with rubric) that are engaging and appeal to different learning styles. These are very versatile. They can be done as a group, with a partner, or independently. They're great for assessments and as discussion starters.

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great activities for esl classes

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Idea Students

Students choose a book to read. While they are reading, they search for nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.

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Interactive Notebooks For Middle School Language Arts

Free Interactive Notebooks Templates

Middle School Social Studies Interactive Notebook

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