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    princess ukok - reindeer

  • Crystal Claire Joseph

    Reconstruction of a burial scene of Ukok Princess -- a 2,500 year old Siberian/Altai 'princess' from her permafrost burial chamber -- with both women dressed in traditional Pazyryk clothes. Drawings were made by Elena Shumakova, Institute of Archeology and Ethnography, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science

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Siberia | Portrait of a young Buriat woman from Aginskaia Duma, ca 1900

scarf in red

Traditional costume Crimean Tatars

some people think that this Ukrainian babushkas. in fact it Udmurt babushkas from Russia


президент Русского географического общества Сергей Шойгу - Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, President of the Russian Geographical Society

Sergei Shoigu in the Republic of Tuva. (Father Shoigu - ethnic Tuvan)

Sergei Shoigu in the Republic of Tuva. (Father Shoigu - ethnic Tuvan)


A Buryat Shaman of Siberia in ritual dance.


Чечня 2007. Краснодарская лезгинка.avi-Chechnya 2007. Krasnodar lezginka

Kırım Türkleri

Magadan Oblast indigenous peoples are the Evens, Koryaks, Yupiks, Chukchis, Orochs, Chuvans and Itelmens, traditionally lived from fishing along the Sea of Okhotsk coast or from reindeer herding in the River Kolyma valley, Snow sheep, reindeer, moose and brown bears. There are also many varieties of birds, including ducks and seabirds. The Sea of Okhotsk has rich fishing grounds for pollock, herring, cod, flounder and salmon, as well as crabs and shellfish.

Beauties of the Republic of Bashkortostan

Soyot Türkleri - Сойот түріктері (Buryatya)

Soyot Türkleri - Сойот түріктері (Buryatya)

Nogaylar -Noghais - ногайцы

Altayda “Kalkin Ödülü” Törenleri

Kırım Tatar TÜRK Kızı

Harchaana Yakut-Snow Maiden.

Калмыцкий костюм замужней женщины, терлик, цегдык


Volga Germans. Petty Officer Vyacheslav E. Meyer during the fighting led the defense of one of the compartments of the barracks of the Brest Fortress.