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First Church of the Intercession in Turginovo appeared in the early sixteenth century. It was rebuilt several times. In the early nineteenth century, built a new stone church, which was then extended aisles Trinity and Holy Mother of God. It was in this church were baptized, married and burial services for generations of family Putin. In Soviet Intercession church was rebuilt into a club, and then did come to desolation. Divine services were resumed here in 2000

San Miguel Santa Fe, New Mexico.First built in 1610. Said to be the oldest church structure built in the continental USA. The original adobe walls and altar were built by the Tlaxcalan Indians from Mexico, but much of the structure was rebuilt in 1710. Building has been within the U.S. since 1848, when the New Mexico territory was annexed

Temple of the Resurrection in the Trinity Kaynardzha (Pavlinоvо) Built in 1867 by the order VS Mukhanova over the grave of her husband. Mukhanova became the owner of the estate in the middle of the XIX century. Church made ​​of red bricks (it is possible that from Kuczynski brick) with details of white stone. The building's architecture is based on processing of a number of methods and forms of national architecture of the XVII century.

Церковь в Аксиньино-village Aksiniino first mentioning in 1623 . first landlord prince Vasiliy CHerkasskiy. church is built in 1884

The ruins of a vast estate complex (XIII-XIX centuries), located in the village of Gostilicy, which according to some reports approx.700 years. The owners of the estate were Razumovsky, Potemkin, Wrangell, etc. Before our time, the ruins of the main palace, serving the church of the Holy Trinity, outbuildings and the remains of the park. Location: n / a Gostilicy Lomonosov district

Buenos Aires - Igreja Russa- Ortodox Church, #BuenosAires, #Argentina

Voronezh region. Gubarev village. Church of the Epiphany. The reason for the lack of attempts to restore that temple closely surrounded by the churchyard, and people refuse to transfer the graves of relatives who are so close to the walls that you can not even put the scaffolding.