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Michael J. Fox Show to Find the Funny in Parkinson's: 'There's Nothing Horrifying About It'

NBC’s new fall comedy The Michael J. Fox Show has humor and heart. “One of the things the show deals with when it deals with Parkinson’s is about perception,” Fox explained. “A lot of times when you have a disability, one of the things you deal with is projection and what [people] think something is. But Parkinson’s itself, there’s nothing horrifying about it to me. There’s nothing horrifying about someone with shaky hands… That’s just our reality; we have no control.”

29 Things Only Migraine Sufferers Understand

I called my #pain #meds to say that they were supposed to be stopping my pain. They said they liked that #joke too. #Medication #Treatment #NotWorking #NotHelpful #DisabilityNinjas #Disability #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #InvisibleIllness

Don't make me whack you with my cane. 1.25 inch pinback funny button

Oh, it's spelled C-R-O-H-N-'S disease, and all of your "expert advice" can be put in this "special container." Thank you! I am tired of reading about other people's 'cures'. Crohn's is incurable, but can go into remission on a whim.

I like how when you look up migraines they say you should see your dr of you have them more than 3 times a month and they last more than Mine has never been as little as

Yes, we all know about MG and anaesthesia. This makes a general anaesthetic pretty safe for myasthenics today doesn't it? Actually no. The cocktail of pre-med drugs given contains 3 drugs antagonistic to MG. Most of us are OK but some react very badly. It's as well to check whether these drugs suit you if you are going into hospital.