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There are so many things I would want to eat if I went to Italy :)

Didn't quite pull off a perfect wedding, but really who does. But my perfect wedding was looking into the eyes of the one I love and knowing that our lives became one.

definitely wanna try it. I don't care if people say it hurts when you get hit. I've been thru more pain in my life than being hit by a paintball.

I hope to inherit my parents land someday and turn it into ranch/farm... there are already cows out there anyway...

ok, I'm weird, but I've always wanted to be a least for a 'lil bit(:

Have a big family. Would LOVE this, not sure if it's in the cards though...

done...and did about 4 different one that were EXTREMELEY high and don't plan on doing it again...

This is a McMichael Family favorite tradition for special occasions and New Years Eve with friends! ♥

and I do mean HUGE, I think a shopping spree to Sephora and MAC could take care of that!!