Press and seal wrap instead of taping, for that hard to reach area!

No clean up. Why didn't I think of that?

How to paint trim. So much easier than taping!

. I found #woodworking tips here: . The Best Carpentry Tips and Advice straight from professional carpenters Family Handyman. Definitely worth reading before you start your next woodworking project!

One easy trick to remove painting mistakes after they've dried without scraping!

Painting tip: use push pins to lift the item off so it doesn't stick to the bottom surface. Simple and smart!

For painting on ceilings or other high places to prevent drips. Brilliant.

Great tip for painting: cut out the side of a gallon milk container. The bottom can hold enough paint for trim with built in handle and paint brush holder!

Attached wire shelving to floor joists for out of the way storage - very easy project.

DIY: Painting Tip: Use Nails in Furniture Feet - it keeps the piece off the floor so you can easily paint it.

Cover outdoor light fixtures with glad wrap press & seal before painting.

Instead of Jet-Dry...fill your dishwasher's rinse aid compartment with good old-fashioned white vinegar and I guarantee your dishes will be sparkling."

Spray Painting FAQs. This girl clearly knows what she's talking about. Plus, the whole site is full of great DIYs.

How to paint trim like the pro's do. Love this site. Lots of tips and tricks

How to Paint Cabinets or Furniture The go-to guide to get smooth coverage when painting wood cabinets or furniture. Liquid sandpaper!

Take popsicle sticks and paint them the color of every wall in your house. Carry with you on the go to match furniture, curtains, decorations, etc.

Great household tips

Bag Caps. I must get some of these

Painting tips

Wood Finishing Tips: How to Renew a Finish: Mineral Spirits does an excellent job of cleaning the old gunk (dirt, years of store bought polish etc without harming or removing the stain finish) off of wood for me. I've also read where vinegar and water will work, but haven't tried that yet. This site goes on to explain how to put a new shine on old furniture.

Coat hanger to remove excess paint__ Use wire "frame" instead of tying string across open paint bucket. The string always gets lax as it gets wet from the paint eventually becoming unusable. Cut bottom section from stiff wire coat hanger & bend it so each end straddles the rim to fit inside a paint can. Let the wire overlap the sides & tape it to the can to keep it steady when you rub off the excess paint. When the job's finished, remove the wire & wipe it clean to be ready for next time.