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"A picture of an eclipse. I'll be honest, I thought it was some sort of symbolic imagery for how The Ring overlooked Middle-earth or something, lmao." Omg i tought the same :)))

Geek Love Sign-Geek Valentine-Wedding-Wall Decor-Doctor Who-Star Wars-Supernatural-Harry Potter--Firefly/Serenity-Superwholock

Oh well. That's it! Burn the right scented candle and there's no need for a real tree anymore

FOTOGRAFIA - Eclipse at 35,000 feet. - Eclipse a 10500 metros de altitud

It's not about how your level of enthusiasm measure up to others.

A Family of Geeks - AWESOME costume idea!!

"My childhood’s book had a geek illustrator…" Fantastic HOLY CRAP

Evolution of the geek. lol~ xP I will have to disagree about combining 'book geek' with 'Twilight' though...but that's just my opinion~.

Modern twist - I am still laughing out loud!

OH PLEASE!!!!!! You MAY be a "big" fan, but if Jackson met me, he'd have me make the movies! Hit me with your best shot! It's on Colbert! It's on....