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There comes times in every relationship where we forget why we love the person we love. But then one small moment of one day makes you remember. Makes you smile. Makes you look at that person you love and makes you fall in love all over again. @Alejandro Garcia

True!! Don't get yourself confused, just because we're related doesn't mean we're family. Even more so, if we didn't even grow up together. I don't owe you anything. Sorry that you were more of a stress and negative energy in my life, something I don't need. Moving on! :)

from Etsy

You Are The...You Are My Everything wood sign Wedding Gift

You Are The...You Are My Everything Have use this in a photo gallery. Could make a great gift for newlyweds with wedding pictures plus this in a 9-12+ photo frame.

from zulily

'My Kids Are' Box Sign

So if you didn't have rugrats, you'd have no reason as a person to get up every morning? Boy, you must really have no self-identity.

I will have to put this somewhere in the casa

You're My Happily Ever After Wood Sign - Typography Word Art - Your Choice of Color

This seriously couldn't be any more true!! You are such an incredible wife and Mom!! 😘

I'm in love with my bestfriend... <3

<3 Wow, I remember when I first moved in with my husband, then my boyfriend, 10 years ago and one of my girlfriends asked what it was like living together, I SERIOUSLY said this very thing!! <3