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Silence! Do your homework!

Funny pictures about Poor Silence Teacher. Oh, and cool pics about Poor Silence Teacher. Also, Poor Silence Teacher.

The Silence, I need the Doctor


That explains a lot. Wait what does it explain? I forgot. why do I have tally marks on my arm?

move closer because the angel is still looking at the Silence so it knows it's there. The Angel doesn't forget because the Silence looks away, it would forget if it looked away

After thinking about this, I realized that it would move closer BECAUSE: It said that the SILENCE looked away, not the angel. The angel could still be looking at the silence, allowing it to move closer

:( poor Silence

No one ever remembers my birthday (doctor who humor) this actually makes me really sad, I feel bad for the little silence.

I've forgotten why I pinned this in the first place.......

I don't know why, but this image of an empty hallway scares me. It's weird why did they take a picture of an empty hallway? What am I supposed to see? Am I missing something?

Silence in the library

A Vashta Nerada and a Silence reading Dr Who books in the library. Silence in the library

doctor who/disney!

I rewatched Aladdin the other day and this was my first thought when it got to this scene. OMG is Aladdin the doctor now?

Jeeez Dalek. Get it together would you? This entire confrontation made me laugh out loud.

Funny pictures about Daleks vs. Oh, and cool pics about Daleks vs. Also, Daleks vs.

Why is it after all these years and all the possible technology, some of the scariest things the Doctor fights are clockwork?:  By ciaobella_usa on Cheezburger

Who's Logic

Why is it that some of The Doctor's scariest enemies are clockwork! :)- because people are always afraid of the clock running out and their time being over.even the Doctor.<<<<<<<<< Pinning for the comment