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Overhead garage storage... Stow bulky items overhead by cementing together a simple rack from 2-in. PVC pipes and fittings. Bolt the straight pipe to the ceiling joists to support heavy loads, and screw the angled pieces from the "wye" connectors into the cross brace to stabilize the whole rack. The PVC’s smooth surface makes for easy loading and unloading.

PVC bike storage rack - great design, great idea

Clever way to use an old VHS stand This would be so easy, you see these at garage sales for just a couple dollars!!

PVC storage-rack for the Garage. You could also do something like this in the laundry room with the laundry baskets.

Storage unit made from PVC. An easy and flexible way to help your kids stay organized. Also, check places like Family Dollar for storage totes. They are often half the price as other retailers!

A clever storage solution, called The Traveler, designed using painted pipes.

pvc storage rack for rubbermaids- really need to make this for the garage!

DIY storage rack for plastic totes. Mine are in the garage neatly tacked on top of each other ... problem... I always want the one on bottom... other prob sometimes that one cracks from the weight above it. This would solve it!

Build a PVC frame for plastic storage bins! No need for unstacking your bins when you need the Christmas boxes that are wayyyy down at the bottom of the stack!

Zip strips storage... another item I can never find. This should fix that problem.