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jQuery Picasa is a jQuery plugin which allows you to stream picasa albums without touching the server. The goal is to stream photos without ever having to touch your server. Aka, no PHP or Ruby proxy. Reason being, what if your pages are entirely static (Github Pages!), and you want it to work the same as if they were dynamic? The code should be all Javascript.

Tablesort. js is a small and simple sorting component for tables written in JavaScript. It has no dependencies and should have no interference with other libraries.

HubInfo is a jQuery plugin to show information about your GitHub repo. If you've ever wanted to show off information about your Github repository, this is the plugin to do it. It weights at only at around 2KB and has a tweet option included.

Githtml is an extension for Google Chrome and Firefox which allows you to view beautifully rendered HTML on github repos. This comes in handy if you've every wanted to see example code which are found in repos, without actually downloading them. It helps in saving time and frustration.

Parsley.js is a JavaScript library for forms validation. Parsley.js takes a different approach to forms validation. Instead of making you use JavaScript for validating your forms, Parsley.js uses data attributes to achieve the same effect.

SVG.js is a lightweight JavaScript library which allows you to easily manipulate and animate SVG. SVG.js comes with a whole plethora of methods such as create, move, center, clone and more.

Pondasee is a front-end starter kit combined with the power of SCSS & Compass, made to help front-end or developer to accelerate their work-flow in making web application. Pondasee is made with Compass and the SCSS language. Nested rules, variables, mixins, selector inheritance in SCSS/Sass makes coding CSS faster, more efficient and your stylesheets easier to organize and maintain.

CamanJS is a pure Javascript (Ca)nvas (Man)ipulation library. The main focus of CamanJS is manipulating images using the HTML5 canvas and Javascript. It's a combination of a simple-to-use interface with advanced and efficient image/canvas editing techniques. It is also completely library independent and can be safely used next to jQuery, YUI, Scriptaculous, MooTools, etc.

GSVPano.js - Google Street View Panorama library to help requesting and stitching Google Street View panoramas. The Google Street Panorama Viewer uses WebGL, GSVPano.js, three.js along with the Geolocation API, Fullscreen API and Pointer Lock API if available.