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the ombre stain mani


DIY Ombre Makeup for the Eyes, Lips and Nails from the Beauty Department. Ombre Cat Eye here. Ombre Lips here. Ombre Nails here.

Linda e fácil de fazer.

Cloud nail art-- this is what is on my nails now except I did white background and pink\blue clouds!

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Nail Polish Stain Removal This does work. If your nails are stained really yellow from dark nail polish, the stains won't go away completely, but they are a lot better.

<3 marble nail art.

Nowadays we use a a technique called water marbling to create Swirl nail art. It involves swirling together different colored nail polishes on nails.

American flag nails

American flag nails

Pretty sure this is the colour of choice for Mermaids. OPI Catch Me In Your Net

OPI Catch Me In Your Net-summer color. because everyone knows im a mermaid

That's a good idea I think I'll try that this weekend sometime.

DIY Chevron Nails and painters tape! Why didn't I think of painters tape?

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15 DIY Nail Tutorials With Scotch Tape. Love this idea of DIY nail tape by painting scotch tape with nail polish!


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DIY nail stickers need polish, scissors + scotch tape. Apply polish to your tape. Let it dry (I allowed 30 minutes just to be safe). into shapes Place shapes on nails and seal with top coat - Great idea!

Find a small jar/glass basically anything you can stick your nails in. Stuff a sponge or two into it (just make sure that it's full/nearly full). Pour in some nail varnish remover,rubbing alcohol or acetone and stick your nail in and move it around until nail varnish is gone!! This is reusable and if you use cute colour sponges and decorate the jar is a really nice decoration for your bedroom aswell!!:) hope I helped please resin and follow as this is my first pin!!:))

Super Easy Nail Polish Remover Jar DIY: take a cheap sponge and cut it so that it fits snug in a small jar with a lid. Fill about with nail polish remover and twist fingers one at a time in the center of the sponge. This is an excellent idea! :D

The next time your nail breaks, don’t panic. There are several tricks you can use to fix the damage.

Tutorial: How to fix a broken finger nail. Not sure what type of (nail band-aid)

Doing your manicure at at home? Then these nail care tips and tricks and manicure tip guides would be a great on how to give yourself the perfect manicure!

32 Amazing Manicure Hacks You Should Know

This is great, had no idea how to fade colors myself from home, now I do :-) DIY Ombre An easy DIY nail art idea to try at home. Get the tutorial from Petit Cos Pinned on Lord Taylor