Definitely organized! Wow!!!

Classroom Decor Pins You'll Love

Love the organization idea at each desk. The wire baskets could be cubbies and the red bins could hold extra supplies for each table grouping and each tables supplies they use could be stored in a caddy. I love red!

I was tired of my desks looking like a train hit them by the end of each day, so I found a great and cheap way to keep them together. I use medium and large sized zip ties to keep them together. I place the zip ties on multiple places on the desks. It works really well!

This may just work! Zip tie desk together to keep them from shifting! Love this idea! Terhune's First Grade Site!: The Ultimate Classroom Tour

Organize your week using hanging files by day of the week or subject

teacher desk/tabletop organizer THIS IS IT! Love how the desk is a shelf and that corkboard is a MUST HAVE! also loving the white desk chair.

No more name plates: Great ideas for labeling parts of your classroom.

Name Plates: Sharpie Paint Pens! Write directly on desks, birthday tags, etc. Rub well with expo marker, wipe clean with kleenex when you move seats or start a new school year.

Setting the stage for a year of learning can be as daunting — and fun — as decorating your home. Lighting, rugs, walls, and furniture all work together to both calm and invigorate students and, of no...

Best of Blogs: Classroom Organization

*Link goes to guided reading group ideas. I just love the idea of using a dish drying rack to organize materials! So easy and inexpensive!

Need small Dry Erase Boards?  I love these DVD cases with the jacket turned inside out.  My kids feel like they have "real office supplies" when we use these.  (Thanks to Mandy Hassell for the free idea!)

DIY Dry Erase Boards: Write on DVD cases with whiteboard markers and use socks or gloves as erasers. The glove/sock fits inside the DVD case for easy storage.

EDITABLE Teacher Toolbox Kit - Turquoise Dot Theme - Kristen Doyle

Teacher Toolbox - Editable Turquoise Dots Labels

Editable Teacher Toolbox Kit - Turquoise Dot Theme - These are meant to fit the Lowe's 22 drawer organizer and are free.

No More Stacks of Paper - ORGANIZE!  A place for everything, and everything it its place.  Love this!

Even though this is an elementary classroom, this idea could EASILY be adjusted for upper grade levels. Grade Stuff: Avoid Stacks of Papers - ORGANIZE!

Classroom Label Pack (Editable) - Chevron  Use for name tags or work station frames for the first day of kindergarten

Classroom Label Pack (Editable) - Chevron

3rd Grade Thoughts: Classroom Supplies: Sharp & Dull Pencils FREEBIE

Classroom Supplies: Sharp & Dull Pencils FREEBIE

guided reading table with dry erase circles from @saraedgar

Dry Erase spots - half size is perfect! Polka Dot Kinders: Last Chance & Cribs: Classroom Edition