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Life is a Special Occasion

Don't save everything for a special occasion. Every day of your life is a special occasion.

Quick tips to help you keep those resolutions

~Audrey Hepburn — This is just a great quote all the way around! Can be applied to so many different situations in my life working out, marriage, cancer.nothing is impossible. The word Itself says "I'm Possible". Love it!

not a quitter

When you feel like giving up, just remember the reason why you held on for so long.


Good character is trying not to belittle others when they criticize and degrade you. Sometimes it's hard, but try not to stoop to their level

God Over Night... | happens over a lifetime

Tell the negative committee that meets inside your head to sit down and shut up by Ann Bradford

never leave the best to find something better, because once you realize you had the best, the best found better.

You can either make yourself miserable, or you can make yourself strong; the amount of work is the same after all.

I know this all too well.

Love can be the biggest strength of the weakest people, and it can be the biggest weakness of the strongest people.