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St. Patrick's Day

Green and gray, my two favorite colors. not sure about the hat, but love everything else.

Casual Outfit R's Comment : Love color combo. From Most Closely Related

Green and Gray/Silver. OMG love this color combo!

I'm diggin' the green and gray color combo.

green + grey. i like the color combo

Love the green and gray color combo!

Casual Outfits - St. Patrick's Day

"St. Patrick's Day" green outfit

St. Patrick's Day grey & green

Polyvorefrom Polyvore

Errand Day

"Errand Day" by christygetscrafty on Polyvore

Really like the orange/turquoise/gray color combo. Not a fan of the style though - jeans, tops, and bag all seem kind of "dumpy".

Love the charcoal, coral, turquoise and fawn color combo with the light denim jeans! Super cute!...just not the necklace...

love the colors! Great fall outfit. Rolled destroyed jeans, classic tee shirt, orange cardigan.

Gray tee, Orange sweater, Jeans, Beige accesories - Casual Outfit

Fall outfit! Love the orange sweater w/ turquoise accessories.

Orange, Grey and Turquoise. by kathie

Fall Outfit- like the color combo

coral & turquoise color combo

dream closet!

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Tank and Boots

I like the button down shirt over the tank. Also, those shoes!

I like the plaid shirt with the cuffs. Looks like it might be a fitted shirt. If you can find something like this, I would like it.

A fashion look from September 2014 featuring shirts & tops, plaid shirt and Hudson Jeans. Browse and shop related looks.

I like the idea of the jeans, tank, and plaid shirt. Different boots though.

Cute tank top outfit with heals and jeans

the purse and button down plaid shirt

Ivy's clothing style

Cute purple outfit!

Causal Outfit

Cute outfit

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sea foam

Great color combination

Beachy Coral Outfits | Fashionista Trends... Mint flats with white pants, could do mint with white and coral.

sea foam, created by Love this, not to mention I own a sea foam fossil, my set is coming soon!!

sea foam, created by htotheb Sea foam... Haven't heard that color in 20 years

we all know I love my white pants. The seafoam purse is precious.

sea foam, created by htotheb. Like the dress, bag, jewelry, shirt

Spring- Bright color casual work day

Sea Foam, created by htotheb

Summer Dresses --Seafoam

Casual outfit

Cute Outfit Ideas of the Week – Edition #9 | Outfit Ideas | Teenage Hairstyles | Teen Clothing | Young Hollywood News | Gadgets for #my summer clothes #summer outfits|

chevron skirt. seed bead necklace. wrap bracelet. and aviators! perfect spring and summer outfit.

LOLO Moda: Stylish Maxi Skirts For Women Grey, white & soft teal outfit casual chevron maxi skirt

love the long skirt w grey and green - hot days summer outfit

love it! I could se you wearing this @theophilia3 #maxiskirts

great summer outfit. I'm loving the Chevron maxi skirt

Love the long skirt for summer. cute color combo too

Summer Outfit - Love the chevron maxi skirt.

gray chevron maxi skirt with green accents

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Ooh... pretty green! #outfits #fashion

I like the colors in this outfit... not sure about the green nail polish, even though I have some :)

I don't think I'd wear the green nail polish - but everything else is great. That top is a style I love - so flattering.

Like this outfit, except for green nail polish. I really really like the necklace!

Don't know if I could pull off the green nail polish, but I'd be willing to try...

So adorable! Love the color combos! Would be perfect for St.Pattys Day :)

Love the color combo of Kelly green and brown! That shirt is gorgeous!!!

perfect green outfit for St. Patty's

I need this for St. Patrick's Day!

I'm liking the green accents

love it

Perfect game day outfit...Roll Tide! LOVE, LOVE LOVE THIS OUTFIT!

Gameday outfit! Roll Tide!#Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#

alabama game day attire. Love this! For Tina! Roll tide!!

Must have this Gameday outfit :) ROLL TIDE!!!

Alabama game day outfit....

Cute outfit- Roll Tide!!!

My kind of color combo

Red, black & white

work outfit

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cute casual

Someone titled this "baseball game style." I think it's too hot here to wear jeans or a coat to a baseball game....

This is what baseball game style should be, but substitute a Red Sox hat!

Super cute and casual . minus the dodgers hat.... replace with rangers

Perfect (except for the Dodgers hat (and maybe the bag))

cute lounging around outfit. WITHOUT the Dodger's hat :)

cute casual-perfect baseball game outfit

minus the baseball cap lol

baseball game style

cute casual outfit

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Something in black is always appropriate.

Work #Work Outfits for Women #Business Attire #Perfect Work Attire #Work Outfit ideas|

Classic Black-work outfit, wide leg pants....when I thin out. LOL

Black & go to work outfit right here!

Black & tan / so classic! great work outfit

My standard work attire = Black + Khaki

Cute work outfit...classic black & tan

Cute work outfit. Click here to download Fall work style. Click here to download * hounds tooth scarf $10 Click here to download

Cute Work outfit Click here to download Download whole gallery love this outfit Click here to download Download whole gallery Cute work outfit. Click here to download Download whole gallery Business casual outfit!!! Click here to download Download whole gallery

I miss wearing work clothes Click here to download Work outfit! Click here to download so pretty! Click here to download Classy Outfit Ideas Click here to download polka dots Click here to download

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Comfy winter day


comfy clothes!! / parka / infinity scarf / sweater / fall fashion / fall outfit / fall style / winter fashion / winter outfit / winter style

cold weather comfort / winter fashion / winter outfit / ripped skinny jeans / parka / sweater / boots / gloves / infinity scarf / heavy winter jacket

Personally I love the entire outfit, but would only change the jeans to a pair without holes; especially since this is obviously for cold weather.

Fashion $39 ugg boots outlet online wholesale for gift now,get it and repin it immediatly. More Cozy Winter, Winter Style, Winter Looks, Cold Day, Winter Outfit, Fall Outfit, Winteroutfit, Summer Clothing, Cold Weather cold weather comfort!!! need this on those cold days!!!! comfy clothes!! / parka / infinity scarf / sweater / fall fashion / fall outfit / fall style / winter fashion / winter outfit / winter style winteroutfit

winter style... not crazy about the holy pants but I LOVE that jacket

fall/winter outfit. I love this! Could it please appear in my closet!

Winter Clothes...i love the boots n jacket

Fall/Winter Wear

Women's Fashion - Dream Closet / style - clothes

green & grey

green & grey - not crazy about holes in capris, but I like the colors and general feel!

Cool casual outfits But I would do purple instead of green. That is just me.

green & grey! Love the color combo and love the shirt!

Cool casual outfits Love the green accent

green accents. Wrap shirt!

Good color combination.

casual green and gray

comfy dream-closet


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Sassy color

NEED ORANGE BAG!!!! untitled, created by #htotheb on #polyvore. #fashion #style MiH Jeans Big Buddha

untitled, created by I love the orange accent pieces.

Love the orange accent! untitled, created by

Totally diggin the blue and orange accents! Fun!

<3 that scarf and the color combination!

Bag, Nail Polish, Scarf

Cute color combo

Orange mint

Orange pop

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Lavender and grey


Love Lavender & Gray. The mix of layers, textures and colors of the tank, sweater and scarf are great.

i love lavender one of my fav colors but the sweater has to go & so does the shoes but everything else i'll TAKE!

Lavender and grey, created by

Love lavender. My all time favorite color :)

Lavender & Grey, created by kristen-344

Lavender and gray. Great color combo.

2 of my fav color combos!

Gotta love Lavender!

Lavender outfit

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grey, light teal

Gray and Light Teal

Love the color combo-grey, light teal, created by #sassymel75 on #polyvore. #fashion #style Wet Seal H&M

grey, light teal, created by #sassymel75 on #polyvore. #fashion #style Wet Seal H&M

Gray and Light Teal outfit--without the skinny jeans

grey, light teal, created by sassymel75 on Polyvore

grey, light teal..ok so this is my favorite ever

Love!!! spring outfit

Gray and Light blue

Lovely Outfit

Chic outfit by Cecilya on

What to Wear

Candie's Faded Bootcut jeans, Betsey Johnson Leader of the Stacked Heel Shoe, Mulberry bag - I like this look without the scarf

Ok not the shoes bc that looks like an air cast waiting to happen. I just like the cardigan and scarf

I love how this outfit looks nice enough to go out in but comfy enough to carry my son around in too..well, minus the heels.

Want those shoes! And the earrings. And the scarf. And...well, the entire outfit is cute!

I think I have a scarf addiction. . . this one is great. I love the neutral colors.

Love these neutral colors. And how cute are those heels. I love everything about it.

fall outfit, different shoes though

Cute Outfit...I Love The Shoes...

It's probably time to start planning your New Year's outfit. Too soon for you?  Well, it's not for me. Anyhow, last year I encouraged you to simply shop your closet to put together outfits using what you've already got.  This year, I recommend the same thing {but with a twist.  Because I like twists} Be inspired (and remember, these formulas are easy peasy steps to fashion success! You can do it!) For the Casual Night (out or in) One sweater + one BOLD necklace or scarf + skinny jeans/cords + boots + bag= ready to go (or stay--your call). Source: via Reagan on Pinterest Source: via Reagan on Pinterest For the Edgy Night Out Embellished top + vest/blazer + necklace/scarf + skinny pants + heels=ready to party--like a rock star Source: via Reagan on Pinterest Source: via Reagan on Pinterest For the Sophisticated Night Little Black Dress + notice-me-necklace/bracelet + pop of color heels + clutch + outerwear = On your way! OR Color dress + statement jewelry piece + black/neutral heels + clutch + outerwear+ On your way! Source: via Reagan on Pinterest Source: via Carol on Pinterest Source: via Reagan on Pinterest Source: via Reagan on Pinterest Some signature ideas to consider: It's a bling thing!  Sequins are everywhere from purses and tank tops to scarves and leggings--this season there's nothing that sequins can't cover.  Add a little drama (and sparkle) to your life with sequins! Source: via Reagan on Pinterest Source: via Reagan on Pinterest Scarves are a hot way to look cool: Wrapped, draped, knotted ... scarves are a simple way to add serious drama to any outfit. Source: Uploaded by user via Reagan on Pinterest Source: via Reagan on Pinterest Fur But do me a favor and make it FAUX fur Source: via Whitli on Pinterest Source: via Anna on Pinterest Remember, New Years does NOT have to equal New Wardrobe! Go shop your closet with a formula in mind and get creative with what you've got.

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Rain, rain, please stay!

Green and fresh.

spring green outfit I like the shape of the shirt, and the green stripes. I like the overall feel of this outfit. Light and casual.

green stripe based casual outfit. This reminds me of the cape, and that makes my heart smile. :)

green stripe shirt, lemon purse Rain, rain, please stay!, created by sadiesue on Polyvore

Great Spring Outfit (Love all the green and brown together, great sandals.)

love the green striped shirt with the brown leather. Cute bag, too.

Love the green striped shirt and brown accessories...

Great color combos. I am a sucker for green stripes.

Great color combos - love the green striped shirt

green and brown summer outfit

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Minus the tear in the jeans.

Love the way leopard print flats and an orange bag can make an outfit fun. Make it "age" appropriate for this fifty plus gal by picking the right jean.

oohhhhh and orange bag paired with leopard print shoes. This so works for me. Well, except the really skinny legs and tiny waist i would need for these jeans.

Love the leopard ballet shoes and the orange bag -- it spices up a great casual outfit

Fall Outfit - That's it. I'm getting some kind of leopard print something.....

like the leopard flats + orange bag. Would opt for dark skinny jeans instead.

basics with leopard flats and orange bag nice.. silver jewelry, gray & white

Just need the orange purse and leopard flats!! Love it!

Animal print shoes + orange bag = awesome.

Comfy casual outfit

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Style #style #fashion

Casual Outfits | Perfect Mossimo cardigan, Karma Basic T-Shirt, SCHOOL RAG Jeans, Minnetonka sandals, ALDO Desrochers bag, Gucci sunglasses, Warehouse belt by kristen-344 CHEAP!! 2014 new style online, up to 86% off

Casual Outfit most def my style on a casual weekend of relaxation.....

Casual Female Outfits | Casual Outfits | perfect | Fashionista Trends

cute outfit, just not sure about the mustard color over shirt :)

Casual perfection! (but not a fan of the mustard cardigan)

Casual Outfits | Michael Kors Bags | Fashionista Trends

dream closet clothes - awesome style

perfect- love mustard yellow!!

Target sweater $20

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coral + turquoise + grey

coral + turquoise + grey. possibly my new favorite color combination

coral + turquoise + grey This will be my new summer color combo.

Just a reminder that orange and turquoise are a fun color combo.

i love this color combo - all i need is an orange cardigan

coral + turquoise + grey - I love this color combination!!

coral + turquoise + grey, amazing color combo

my faves --- grey, orange and turquoise

Orange, grey, and turquoise. LOVE...

Grey, orange, turquoise, white

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casual fridays


Cute silver black and denim. Totally my style!

black sparkly shoes my-style-pinboard

black sparkly shoes, love the purse!

Can't go wrong w/silver & black

silver, black & white LOVE

Love this casual outfit!!

Gotta get a white bag...

Casual Friday

cute outfit