In the US 4,800 babies are born each year with a critical congenital heart defect (CCHD) and they are at risk for disability or death if not detected at birth. Pulse ox screening can detect CCHD and save a baby's life, so it's important for all babies to be screened! Go to to learn more about Pulse Ox screening.

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CHD Awareness - Coarctation of the aorta: Part of the aorta, the large artery that sends blood from the heart to the rest of the body, may be too narrow for the blood to flow evenly. A surgeon can cut away the narrow part and sew the open ends together, replace the constricted section with man-made material, or patch it with part of a blood vessel taken from elsewhere in the body. Sometimes, this narrowed area can be widened by inflating a balloon on the tip of a catheter (tube) inserted thr...

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1 In Every 100 Children Will Be Born With Congenital Heart Defects (One Of Them Is Mine.)

Know More. Do More. - Did you know that approximately 1 out of every 100 babies is born with a congenital heart defect?

My miracle was 1 in 100 affected by congenital heart defects.

Congenital Heart Defect

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congential heart defects. 1 in 100 babies. my baby is one of them.

Screening your baby for CCHD is so easy, and if you catch a defect early you can save your child's heart- and life.

Newborn Screening Saves Little Lives -Every 15 minutes, a baby is born with congenital heart disease. If a critical CHD is not detected soon after birth, an infant can die. Thanks to improvements in diagnostic imaging and care, many congenital heart defects can be detected before a baby is born. But not always.

Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week! FACT:Approximately 1 of every 100 babies are born with a CHD.

Heart kids rock! 1 in 100 babies are born with a broken heart. Info at

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Congenital Heart Defects. What you know can save a life. #CHD

When it comes to pulse oximetry screening for heart defects, not all pulse ox machines are created equally.