Roll-a-Miro: Game to make a Miro creature.

Use this dice drawing sheet to create a Miro Skyscape. Make this a fun addition to your study of the surrealist painter Joan Miro.

Picasso Face Dice Drawing Sheet

Roll-A-Miro Art Game

Make a Face Dice Game for kids to do. This is great to keep kids occupied when they finish their classroom art projects before others. Sometimes kids like to play the dice game together.

Miro Skyscapes

paper roll sculpture

Roll a Miro: LAnce le dé et crée un Miro

Great poster for creating "Miro-esque" creatures

Joan Miro Poster On Board Abstract Mid Century Vintage Museum Quality – Designer Unique Finds

Chez maîtresse Ecline -miro

ART LESSON: ELEMENTS ABSTRACTS - Use this fun game to review the elements of art and create a beautiful abstract work of art at the same time! There are 3 different sheets for more variety and age levels.

Fun! Roll a monster game - roll and draw. For Stevi-B's trip.

This is a simple video featuring the work of Miro. It is animated so the shapes and lines in the art work move along with the classical music. I showed this to my students during a Miro lesson and was surprised by how much they LOVED it! I didn't think they would have such a strong reaction to something so simple, yet they were captivated by it.

Joan Miro inspired art lesson

Kinder Winter Landscapes by Paintbrush Rocket, via Flickr

Cities - perspective

Fish Tessellation - ART PROJECTS FOR KIDS MC Escher style......

Love this: Miro style tissue painting

Joan Miro Loiseau Solaire L' Oiseau Lunaire Etincelles Abstract Print

Love the patterns.......