Bottle cap project


Man Cave Sign Beer Bottle Caps Mosaic with by LittleJewelBoutique, $50.00

@ Whitney....does your moms friends still make stuff with beer caps? This is awesome!

bottle cap letter

A classic DIY wind chime / garden art idea: Repurpose bottle caps.

bottle caps crafts | Chips from Bottle caps | Crafts --- can use as bingo chips

Wind Chimes from Bottle Caps

A cardboard letter, Elmers glue, aluminum foil and paint= Awesome DIY letter on the cheap!

Bottle Cap Necklace - and the caps are interchangeable

beer cap art. For Josh's office. I refuse to call it a 'man cave' because that sounds annoying. It's a freakin office.

Bottle Cap Stool

Pin Collection Display: Great idea for all of those pins I have collected over the years that I didn't know how to display but didn't want to get rid of. Too cute! Also saw a guitar shape at a Hard Rock Cafe in Destin, Florida that is a great inspiration as a design for all of the Hard Rock Pins I've collected.

Bottle caps

Blue Dog Bottle Cap Art

20 Ideas of How to Recycle Wine Bottles Wisely #recycle #wine bottles #garden

Awesome bottle cap table

rubbing alcohol and ink.

How To Make Your Own Sea Glass Bottles - Step by Step Tutorial

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American Flag Bottle Cap Art...would be really cute inside a wooden serving tray to use out on a patio for 4th of July, Memorial Day, barbeques, etc. Great way to recycle the bottlecaps