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Omg who else thinks this is bloody adorable!!!???:

These were the very cutest of all…

The Cutest Things That Have Ever Happened cute animals dogs cats adorable dog story puppy animal pets stories heart warming

A #mastiff and a #baby - soooooooo #adorable.

A Mastiff and a Baby

See baby. See giant puppy. See giant puppy see baby. See giant puppy hug baby. See giant puppy cradle baby. Giant puppy and baby are friends.

NEVER buy a pet from the pet store.  They always come from puppy mills.  Instead, open your heart and adopt a homeless or shelter pet.

This makes me so sad :( . I would love you and give all food needed, unconditionally, for the rest of your life! Please rescue old dogs from the pet shelter!

How This Man’s Epic Beard Saved A Duckling’s Life... this is so sweet :)

How This Man’s Epic Beard Saved A Duckling’s Life Is Brilliantly Beautiful. A Must See.

How This Man’s Epic Beard Saved A Duckling’s Life Is Brilliantly Beautiful.<< I want to marry this epic beard man.


Two prairie dogs cuddling like humans at the pet store yesterday. SO CUTE. Why would ANYONE want a prairie dog as a pet?

Get me out of here!

um, sir, my bread seems to have a piece of cat in it Awe looks like my cat minka

They said I could be anything when I grew up, so I decided to be a snail!

The Glorious Story Of Mr. Winkle, First Animal Star Of The Internet

Tips to Easy House Breaking Your Puppy <-- LOL .this isnt house breaking, its setting up therapy bills.

This is what it looks like when I dance! This is, this is why I don't dance!

This otter is SO excited to have a new friend - cute pets and animals, happy otter with teddy bear


This is what happens when your cameras auto timer light happens to be a bright red dot . You get photobombed by your cat

I'm telling you... polar bears totally have marketable skills

In this picture a child is frightened of a menacing polar bear pressed against the glass. "Me bear, you food" the bear says. He then proceeds to break the glass.

Kitty and turtle

The kitten that fell in love with his turtle friend. Animals do not discriminate when they bond with another. So cute how the turtle just cuddles with the kitten


Tired Cute Kitten we updated this picture for your enjoyment, please check it out - Tired Cute Kitten