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    • Carole Thomson

      Getting rid of scratches on a leather sofa or car seats with shoe polish.

    • Twinnie two

      HOW TO REFRESH SCARRED UP LEATHER FURNITURE: Use some regular brown shoe polish (eg, Kiwi rub-on polish in a can) and wipe it off with a white cloth to make sure it is not going to stain anyone's clothes. Works instantly, and with great results!

    • Mary Engle

      shoe polish on scarred leather couch.

    • Ranae Britton

      How to fix scarred leather. Shoe polish!! I'm going to have to try this on my leather car seats!!

    • Lisa Zahn |From the Heart

      Use shoe polish to fix scarred leather. My husband did this to cover cat scratches and it worked.

    • Jessica Nieters-Verhoff

      Who knew? How to fix scarred leather. Brown Shoe Polish!!

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