Samsung sells 20 million Galaxy S3s, adds new colors

Samsung Galaxy S4: The next flagship could set sail March 14

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is here!!

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4

My new love...Samsung Galaxy S3 samsung-galaxy-s3

We’re expecting the Samsung Galaxy S4 to be announced on March 14, although at this point it’s anyone’s guess what exactly Samsung is planning to feature in their highly-anticipated smartphone. A little over a week ago, we reported on a [...]

Samsung Galaxy Camera. I really like Samsung cameras. And the white versions are always so elegant! However, from some reviews it seems that this camera doesn't make such a good quality - pics!

CNET's Galaxy S4 e-book guide (and a giveaway spectacular!)

Last year Samsung stole CES 2014 with its 85-inch bendable UHD TV. This year it grew 20 inches and an "S."

The sales mark, if it's official, would mean that Samsung is selling Galaxy S4 units 1.7 times faster than its predecessor, the Galaxy S3.

Sprint Galaxy S3 welcomes Jelly Bean

We've run the Samsung Galaxy S3 through a barrage of benchmark tests, with our results showing that Samsung's latest toy is a proper performance powerhouse that manages to beat the beefy HTC One X. Read on, folks, and brace for numbers.

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