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Samsung makes fun of iPhone 5 linegoers in new attack ad

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iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S: what's changed?

'iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S what's changed' - Here's a hint: Not a whole lot.

How to flag duplicate Foursquare venues on iPhone, Android Duplicate venues on Foursquare are annoying. With this tip, you can quickly mark duplicate venues, then continue with your check-in

Will iPhone 5 Come With Liquidmetal As Apple Extends Deal With The Company?

Apple fans finally got their hands on the iPhone 5 on Friday, as the brand new smartphone went on sale around the world.

Apple's iPhone 5 is likely to include contactless NFC technology, according to mobile network Orange. NFC, or Near Field Communications technology, allows phones to be used to make tap-to-pay transactions by swiping the phone over a compatible reader. It can also be used to share data between two NFC phones or grab data by tapping on an NFC tag.

Teacher's pay back! Good reminder that nothing is private on the interwebs today!


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News Captions. Gotta start watching the news

New app could curb underage drinking by spotting fake IDs

The 6.3-inch model boasts a high-definition display, although Samsung hasnt confirmed the exact resolution. The 5.8-inch version features a much lower resolution screen, boasting just 960x540 pixels. Thats a worse pixel density than the original Galaxy S.