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We learn compassion through loss, wisdom through experience, acceptance through shame, gratitude through self love. We venture through life as ever evolving human beings connected to each other through the community we share. We are light and abundance, and our work is to remember that we are on a forever self discovery. We are put on this planet to learn the journey of love.  How has your journey been so far?  What have you learned?  What are the experiences that you currently embody that…

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I declare

Thinking and speaking negativity over your life or the lives of others only limits our potential. Speak and declare goodness and positivity over your life! Our thoughts words carry so much power!

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Dear Future Boyfriend/Husband, if this doesn't make a firm statement to you of what my life has been like, then you need to keep moving.

I'm always hoping you don't forget to nourish yourself. Do loving things for your heart. It's good to care about people but never forget that you are super important too :)

What if you simply devoted this year to loving yourself more? How would your life improve and how would that influence the lives of others?

That was me for too long after Tom died. Thankfully, I finally faced my grief and moved forward and away from numbing my pain with alcohol.

Being ignored and not feeling important to the person that you love more than anything in the world hurts worse than being set on fire everyday for all of eternity.

Me everyday. I have to remind myself.

How grief feels. Until you think about your powerful God + all in store for the future.

You never know what war people are at within their homes or themselves if they can successfully separate that from their peaceful lives they can win the war within themselves or their home...

The finest souls are those who gulped pain and avoided making others taste it. Strive to be the finest soul.

She must've written this about me. Because this is me!  100%

I wrote this poem forever ago but I didn’t really like the font I used, plus it didn’t have my initials on it so people were stealing it!

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Still traveling...                      ........                             .                             ....

I AM traveling through madness to find me. But Question: is the me I'm trying to find worth finding?