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1894 1975

Petty Curvy

Pin Up Girls of the 40 and 50 | olive bites home of uncorked + polarity: August 2009

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Naval Cadet - 1964 - Original painting for the 1964 Ice Capades - George Petty

Splendid View





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pin up girls | Tumblr

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favorite photo :)

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Hildebrandt Usa

Would love to do this for the boyfriend <3



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pin up girl :)

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I love pin-ups!

Zazzlefrom Zazzle


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600full-gil-elvgren.jpg (562×750)

Trendlandfrom Trendland

George Petty – Curvy Pin-up from 1947

Petty Curvy

April 1947

Art April

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4 1947

1894 1975


Petty Calendar

Petty 1947

pin up girl spring | Curvy Pin-up by George Petty | Trendland: Design Blog & Trend Magazine