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Like the thought of pulling out all those hard to reach things from the back from under the sink - all made simple with a drawer!

The curtains are wonderful! I wish I had a room for my own. I have to share it with two girls :(

Easy access to containers: this is a great way for easy access your staple ingredients

Drawer for flour and sugar- how nice would this be in the kitchen?

More Creative Kitchen Products That Are Borderline Genius (40 Pics)

Cutting Board/Drawer inverted & made into a butcher block over Trash can.

Trick Cabinets Faux double cabinet doors conceal pullout drawers for pots, pans, and lids. Because the unit pulls out, it is less likely bulky cookware will get lost in the recesses of a cabinet.

I wish the builder had thought of this for my kitchen...I have 2 corner cabinets that are pretty much unusable cause the only person that can climb back there is my 2 year old

secret flour and sugar drawer. I'd love to have this! Saves counter space too

Flour bin drawer. I need one for flour, sugar, rice, and oats. Would like a solution like this for potatoes as well.

Restaurant bins in drawers for flour, sugar, instead of on the counter.