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Pogo Volume 1: Through the Wild Blue Yonder

When I was a kid the only part of the newspaper (kids, ask your parents) I read regularly was the comics. Actually, that persisted even long after I was a

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Parks and Recreation Tom Haverford Apps and Zerts 8" x 24" Poster by CreativeSobriety on Etsy...OMG this is amazing! One of my favorite Tom Haverford moments! I want!!!

THIS is surprisingly deep ! From Stephen Colbert’s speech to the University of Virginia's class of 2013.

Words cannot describe the sheer awesomeness of this woman.

should not have laughed so loud...

I can totally smell it. --- it's true! It's totally weird!

No matter how many times I see this in my life I always laugh. ♥ Calvin & Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes: next generation ♥ And I love the Mr. Bun name drop, which makes it obvious Calvin married Susie.

Linus 'No problem is so big or so complicated that it can't be run away from' Postcard

sometimes I glad there is no translation for the bubble over my head when I feel like this!

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