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    Not Walt Kelly... Wally Wood parody (homage :) of Walt Kelly

    "Pogo" parody, beautifully drawn by Wally Wood for Mad magazine...(click to enlarge)

    Remember the children.

    Calvin on politics.

    Raising kids.


    Calvin and Hobbes: next generation ♥

    Linus 'No problem is so big or so complicated that it can't be run away from'

    Finally a realistic credit card design. [Hyperbole-and-a-half]

    Kids may come and go, but Hobbes goes on forever.

    Calvin and Hobbes is my favorite!

    Calvin and Hobbes crossed with Game of Thrones.

    Jayne Hobbes and Cal Reynolds, of Firefly. Shiny, indeed.

    First Peanuts?

    James Thurber...Disenchanted

    The "Mutter" font.

    “It’s not a bad little tree, Charlie Brown.  All it needs is some love.”  -  Linus

    Health Care

    Cartoon how-to. (WaltKelly_Pogo_1964-03-08_96)

    (WALT KELLY: POGO PEN & INK Comic Art)

    Take my dream, please. (Walt Kelly Pogo 1958 Comic Art)

    Knight errant. (KELLY, WALT - Beau Pogo book pg 17 Comic Art)