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The friend-ship...

The new covers for Taylor Swift albums…This little girl's face will never fail to make me laugh.

haha that was awesome

The fate of unicorns...

Dame Julie Andrews…one of my all time favorite actresses (Sound of Music, Mary Poppins two of my favorite movies)



take note: please wrap all of my small gifts in this paper from now on so i can laugh like a maniac when i open them.

Knee Appalling Tan

Lol... I know what movie that is!!! I love that movie!

Calvin and Hobbes: next generation <3

Walt Kelly cover

Calvin and Hobbes is my favorite!

Walt Kelly cover

Walt Kelly cover

The "Mutter" font.

Walt Kelly cover

Linus 'No problem is so big or so complicated that it can't be run away from'

Calvin on politics.

“Deck Us All With Boston Charlie.”