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    I don’t always walk around my house in socks...


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    This explains why my entire Gospel Doctrine class freezes when I ask for a volunteer to say a prayer.

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    college students... still a little true

    love my hubby!

    riddles that get you thinking

    Hahaha I just ha this fleeting image of the foreign mexican man with his accent he pasta way HAHAHAHHAHA!!! @Katharine Morris

    #1 is one of my mantras!!! ~ Famous Dr. Seuss quotes


    Random shit that's awesome to know

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    Alomst there.... Aaaalllllmmmmosssstttttt.... And suddenly the people down stairs here a thud... me upstairs* laying flat on the ground, still trying to grab that one stupid thing...

    Teenager Posts/ Birthdays are just awkward

    So true

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