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DIY Missoni Blanket

Missoni is debuting a line of clothing and home goods for Target this month, and I don't even need to step in a store to snag the look thanks to Vikki Howell's DIY version of the blanket! What a perfect way to get a designer look you made yourself. I choose handmade over store-bought any day!

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Colorful crochet blankets will always have palace in my home because I find them so comforting. My Mom use to make them all the time for my sister and I.

The Granny Stripe is a crochet pattern that is made just like the iconic Granny Square, but instead of stitching around and around a center square, it is made by stitching back and forth in rows. The beauty of the Granny Stripe pattern is how effortlessly it lends itself to graphic elements, like bright stripes or big blocks of color.

squares blanket...have friends/family knit (crochet, sew, embroider, paint, etc) a square, and stitch them together over time!

(wood &) wool blanket bodie by wood & wool stool, via Flickr

Crochet - no pattern but love the alternating stripes and grannies on this.

with little flower edging by riavandermeulen

#crochet blocks blanket - use scraps from finished projects - use up any left overs... easy thing to do as you finish a project - just make strips or squares.

Granny squares Love this idea. This would be a fun summer project - to make all these little bits (on get sweating hot making a whole blanket)...