Split Decision Pie Pan! As a fan of the movie Waitress, and of saving time, I need this in my life!

ribbon baking pan can be molded into any shape - magnets make it stick to the baking sheet.

Nibble: A cake pan that lets you taste the cake without changing the shape of the cake. This. Is. Genius!

Piece of cake slicer

why don't I have one of these?!

You're cereal never gets soggy!! GENIUS!

Sur La Table Grater Pods | Sur La Table

Lots of organic produce, nothing sourced from China, no trans fats. What's not to like? See my Comment for a doctored up version of TJ's Rice Mac-n-Cheese.

Turns fruit and anything into a delicious low-fat frozen treat. mmm I have this at home and it really works great!

finger guard - I need this!

Slip-on pour spout. Who couldn't use one?

Rings to roll dough to precise thickness

wonderful baking rack - a real space saver! Good for prepping pan after pan of cookies & good for cooling the racks that come out of the oven!

totally awesome

Bobbi we so need this Roll dough to even thicknesses with Rolling Pin Spacers. Forget the ruler! Just slip these rings over your rolling pin to create dough that’s the same thickness all over. That helps ensure cookies, pie crust and other pastry bake more evenly. I can not believe I did not come up with this!

shark ice tray, cool!


Clean trash can liners where you need them!

have to get them for my mom for her birthdayy!!