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    Bill Nye is a Timelord

    The Empty Sheldon - OMG - two of my geeky fandoms collide!

    I KNEW Cassandra was on Toddlers and Tiaras! I just knew it!

    I didn't notice that the healing scene looked like a time lord regeneration. So... Rapunzel is a Dalek/Timelord awesome pincess chic. Yeah, I LOVE this move.

    And a time lord in Blue boxxxxxx!!!

    Doctor Who - The Lazarus Experiment - I still have yet to figure out why the doctor hasn't come for me


    Disney princesses as time lords? More things I didn't know I needed 'til it showed up!

    Santa is a time lord. What.

    Time Lord Doctor Who Shirt: Doctor Who Mens T-shirt

    i cry every time.

    Best thing ever

    Curse of the Time Lords

    The “eccentric characters from fiction are actually timelords” theory: | The 13 Most Indisputable Fan Theories Of 2013 << WHAT?!?! River Song? Mrs. Frizzle?

    Doctor who + disney strikes again!

    TimeLord of the Rings.

    Prince charming isn't a time lord.

    I loved this part!

    Doctor Who Time Lord Fleece Fabric | Find Dr. Who fabric from

    THANK YOU. Someone's finally figured out the difference between Amy's and Rory's waitings, and why it's not always the length of time that makes the difference. (Especially when you run around with a Time Lord) <--- pinner / Doctor Who