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  • Shelly Hardage-Wilkerson @ SNS

    National Holidays from the bizarre to the original.

  • Marie Stewart Kern

    Nov 13 - Sadie Hawkins Day

  • CVM Events

    Nov. 9th, '13: Happy Sadie Hawkins Day!

  • Patricia Danker

    During the month of November the popular comic strip Lil'Abner has declared this month the month of Sadie Hawkins. It empowers girls and women to take the initiative to ask a boy or man out on a date or a dance. Maybe this is how some ladies found their husband... Nov 14

  • Debra Gleiter

    Sadie Hawkins Day Remembering asking your favorite guy to the dance! I was sacred to death!

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I wanna marry this kid's son. He'd be about my age ;) 50 Classy People From The Past Who Remind Us What "Cool" Really Means!

Guy Fawkes Day: "Please to remember the fifth of November." Fawkes, along with a group of catholic conspirators, planned to blow up the House of Lords with gunpowder in order to kill the Protestant king James. Their plot was discovered and failed, but was not forgotten.

and shout! It's a wonder I didn't throw my back out more than once. :)

The Wonder Bread "Fresh Guys" (1972) by MewDeep, via Flickr

OMG! remember these? I had a billion of them to wear with my slouch socks, stirup pants, Keds, and an oversized Button My Fly T-Shirt....FLASHBACK

Wonder Bread - The Fresh Guys >3 I so miss that great fresh Wonder bread... nothing like it!

Does anyone remember doing the bump? It's quite the technical dance move!

Don't you want to poke his tummy?

No one ever knows what the heck I'm talking about when I start up with the yip yip yip uh-huh uh-huhs!

"plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is..." -- Speedy was created at the Wade Ad Agency in 1951.

I dont kno gandhi but I love this picture just the happiness captured looooove

The Watusi /wɑːˈtuːsi/ is a solo dance that enjoyed brief popularity during the early 1960s.[1] It was the second-most popular dance craze in the 1960s in the United States, after the Twist.[2]