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youth group lessons on choices

youth group games: straw wars game. shoot q-tips through straw at opposite teams cups. (video in link)

5 WEBSITES EVERY NEW YOUTH PASTOR NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT 5 Websites New Youth Pastors Need To Know About.

Cool Hunger Games activities for youth ministry

Tips for Teaching Youth infographic from LDSNEST.COM. Tips for teaching Come, Follow Me and engaging the youth.

Prayer Pail: this would be a great project for my girls group or my adult prayer group! I definitely want to make one for my family!

Top 13 youth group mixers & icebreakers | Youth Group Activities, Resources for Youth Ministry | Fervr

Tons of youth ministry ideas

Loving God in Your Own Language: A Group Study Using Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages of Teenagers | Youth Lessons |

Youth Ministry Ideas - Lock in checklist

Who am I? Youth Group Lesson

The youth group should make these for the people of the church!!

Top Youth Ministry Movies

ipray - youth group lessons on prayer

Room 214 - Creative Youth Ministry: Lock-In Ideas

Popcorn Sharing Icebreaker | Youth Ministry Collective

Room 214 - Creative Youth Ministry: Lock-In Ideas

Games, activities and other resources for smaller youth groups.


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