Wow! How gorgeous, amazing, stunning does Blake Lively look. We love the Veronica Lake curls she's sporting, especially as they tumble gently to one side. Blake Lively is our ultimate hair crush.

Old Hollywood glamour at its best... Blake Lively <3

The Beauty Department- Veronica Lake Wave Tutorial!

Gossip Girl's Blake Lively's Voluminous Waves Hairstyle


This is the style that I am basing all others on! I love how the hair is worked in a continual manner around to the side, not chunked into position. I love the whorls of hair above the main flow, and how the hair sweeps across her head into them. In my case, I wouldn't want all the curl; I'd rather go for a long loose weave of hair with multiple tiny braids woven throughout.

Love this hair

Blake Lively’s Hollywood curls - celebrity hair and hairstyles - Hair inspiration!

love the hair


Blake Lively hair

amazing hair

retro hair, Veronica Lake inspired, hair styles, curls, waves. Red lips. Flawless complexion. Blake Lively

teased + braid head band = wedding hair

Anna Kendrick’s Curly Side Swept Hairstyle at the 2014 Grammy Awards - Anna Kendrick kept her hair soft and sweet at the 2014 Grammys; a good contrast to her risqué but stunning Azzaro gown. Her luscious long caramel-colored tresses were given large curls before being swept to one side. To make sure that the one-shoulder hairstyle will stay put, slick back the opposite side then place a jeweled clip.

Wand wonders simple bridal curls for long hair.

Retro 60s hair + makeup

Blake Lively Braided Hair

How To Make Veronica Lake waves in Hair | How To Create Veronica Waves | Fashions Planet

gorgeous hair.

do - gorgeous side-swept curls are classic. He wants my hair down, I want a messy updo, PERFECT compromise, this hair is gorgeous! Ill just add a flower to it