“The Butterfly Effect” Metal Sculpture by David Kracov

Love Letters sculpture by David Kracov


Heart Of Rock'n'Roll - David Kracov

Portfolio Book-Cut Sculpture

david kracov: metal sculpture

Angel at a grave at Darmstadt cemetery

The artist is David Kracov.

fish sculptures. - maybe a wall of clay sunflowers

The_Butterfly_Effect by David Kracov (Metal sculpture) I love his work!!!

The Art Market: Lily Greenwood - mix media

"Butterfly Series" by Victoria Horkan

Los Angeles, CA artist David Kracov As a student project, toothpicks painted white onto styrofoam and decorative punches to create shapes. Kids can colour/design their punched shapes and create a 3D design. More complexity of design as grade level increases.

Black Cloud: Carlos Amorales Adorns Gallery Walls with Thousands of Black Paper Moths

Saatchi Online Artist Lily Greenwood; Mixed Media, "Butterflies on Black"

David Kracov Metal sculptures.

Saatchi Online Artist Lily Greenwood; Mixed Media, "Spring Butterflies"