Provides emotional support and access to information for families with deaf or hard of hearing children, age birth through 21. BEGINNINGS provides an impartial approach to meeting the diverse needs of these families and the professionals who serve them. The mission of BEGINNINGS is to inform and empower parents as they make decisions about their child.

Listen Up Web - Resources for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Where Do I Start? Resources for parents of children newly identified as deaf or hard of hearing

APRIL: Ethical Considerations in Educating Children Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Fairview Learning...a reading program designed specifically for students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Parent friendly! Perfect for early intervention!

Establishing a sound foundation for children who are deaf or hard of hearing: Karl White at TEDxUSU

For Children with Hearing Loss, Parents’ Desired Outcomes Should Drive Early Intervention & Use of Hearing Technology

Guide by your Side Program is a program for families with infants and oung children who are deaf or hard of hearing

Success in school for kids with hearing loss...great checklist.

Deaf+ Kids: children with hearing loss and additional disabilities

List of books for kids with a hearing loss

Positive Parenting for deaf children

Hearing chart

Super Smart Mama: Raising a Child with Hearing Loss: Getting Hearing Aids

Understanding How Well Your Child Hears with Hearing Aids - written by Pam Millett, PhD for Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss

An example of a person's hearing loss charted on an audiogram. This individual cannot hear the sounds highlighted in red.

Comprehensive website for all things hearing loss!

Hearing Chart

The American Society for Deaf Children ASDC supports and educates families of deaf or hard of hearing children and advocates for high quality programs and services. ASDC provides services to families and works to improve public policy.

I love the idea of hearing aids on dolls, bears, etc. for hearing impaired children.