<b>Se te complica bastante aplicar una sola capa sin hacer un grasoso desastre.</b> Aquí hay algunas técnicas que harán que el complicado mundo de arte de uñas parezca mucho menos desalentador.

Y para la manicura de Halloween más fácil del mundo...

Boo 13 Manicures of Halloween - Day 12 Color: Black Lingerie (Revlon). This shade is a creme black. Use dotting tools or the back end of a make-up brush and a toothpick to create eyes peering out from the “dark”.

Stamped with a drinking straw ... what a clever idea. From Oooh, Shinies

Circle nail patterns (use a straw) - nail art designs. You can use different colors to make the circles.

Perfect nails

Many thanks - Southern Sister Polish: Nail Art Wednesday.Taped Up

I'd use different colors, buuut still cute nonetheless. :)

Nail - Pastel - Polish - Mint and Yellow - Manicure - Art - Spring and summer - Essie

7 Simple Tips To Prevent Your Nail Polish From ChippingEnsure your nails are clean  Dirt and natural oils that lay on the nail surface can aid in chipping. Remove any old polish still left on your nail with acetone with a soft cotton ball. Wash with warm water and soap to remove oils and dirt from your hands and nails.Always apply a base coat  It’s important to apply a thin, clear base coat to prep your nail for polish. Allow the base coat to completely dry before applying colored…

7 Simple Tips to Prevent Your Nail Polish from Chipping--will have to remember this! (she says looking down at her chipped nails)