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En la Biblia aparece una fugaz alusión a Lilith. En Isaías 34,14 se explica con todo detalle cómo Dios con su espada mata a todos los habitantes de Edom, lugar poblado por enemigos acérrimos de los judíos, y que allí quedan como dueños y señores los animales. Buitres, serpientes... y Lilith. "También allí Lilith descansará y hallará para sí lugar de reposo". Lilith ha sido traducido por lechuza o ardilla, evitando toda referencia a la figura precedente de Eva.

People with tattoos aren't deliquents or people society should snub their noses at. They are still people who have feelings, a heart, morals, goals, and achievements. They are good people who happen to be walking art.

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~In the oldest mythologies she is a Goddess and in later stories she is demonized. Lilith is a motherless form of the divine feminine even known to some as Adam's 1st wife. As the embodiment of the neglected, outcast and rejected aspects of the Great Goddess she calls women to rise up in strength to reclaim their own divinity. - Art: Lilith Rising~

Lilith is the primal feminine aspect of dark sexuality. She is the mythological first wife of Adam who refused to be subservient to Adam's authority and had a preference for being "on top". In a rage she spread her wings and flew away from the garden of Eden. She has often been demonized as a vampiric succubus, stealing the lives of children and seducing men in the night. In modern mythology Lilith has become a symbol of the independent woman who refuses to submit to the control of men...