• Stephanie Jonassen

    a quote for all of us in long distance relationships.

  • Sheryll Clarke

    That is so true. If there is something you truly want then its definitely worth waiting for because truthfully somethings in life are just simply worth waiting for. :):)<3

  • Jessee Dore

    Worth waiting. True true story

  • Jessica Holly

    #life #quotes. Need to remember this more often. My boyfriend and I want to get married, but we know we need to wait for a better time than in the middle of college... He's worth waiting for.

  • Joey

    You're worth waiting for no matter how long it takes... you're worth it, because you're just exactly what I need

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Your values are the foundation to everything you do in life, every decision you make, and all that you stand for.

Why wish upon a star when you can pray to the one that created it.

i like this a lot.

Pray! He is waiting and listening when you finally start talking :)




In Christ Lord Jesus

Torrance, CA....HOME!