How to Tell if Your Cat is Planning to Kill You | Catster

First World Cat Problems...So true, every one of them

This made my day.

awwwww!!!! lol

My cat while I'm in the shower....

This made me laugh so hard

So funny!


No "I" didn't do it. I don't know how it happened

Cats that look like male models. The batman and the piano one kill me!

funny cats :D

Lol oh cats.

Short Funny Jokes | Funny Puns Short Jokes - very short and funny jokes #4 -

Heard of "Cat Bearding?" Well, now's there is "Dog Bearding" #funny #hilarious #dogs this is awesome lol

XD LOLZ SO TRUE! When I was just getting a donut at the HEB when I came back my dog scratch the sofa XD I WILL NEVER EVER BE MAD AT MY DOG NO MATTER WHAT HE DOES - more funny things:

I look like the wednesday cat, right now...I can sleep until Friday, I am so exhausted :/

hahaha so true

hahahahahahahahaha..cats are so funny!!

Neighborhood Watch Program