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  • Dorrie Tidwell

    When they start killing the animals they bring home as pets I'll have about a week tops.

  • Natalie McLeod

    The Oatmeal! Hilarious stuff.

  • Margaret

    How to tell. Why I Hate cats

  • Lisa Turner

    I think the Oatmeal made this. So funny

  • Julia Huynh

    OMG. Too funny. The cat at home does all of the above!

  • Alaina Nuti

    ngl this made me smile(:

  • Rayma D

    HOW TO TELL IF YOUR CAT IS PLOTTING TO KILL YOU. ;-) Bringing you dead animals. Staring Contests. Sprinting at light speed out of any room you enter. Kneading on you. Hiding in dark places and watching you. Throwing up grass. Sleeping on your electronics. Pawing at your face while you sleep. Excessive shoveling of kitty litter. (This is practice for burying bodies) This is so funny! Love it...

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