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  • fadelikeasigh

    levitation photography

  • Joey Visser

    Alan Watts - Teaches Yoga (probably the most relaxing half hour I've ever listened to) - YouTube

  • Jean Chez

    meditation- perfect for a 7 yr old birthday party game!!!! ;0)

  • Neves Auhsoj

    Four centuries ago there was a Tibetan master named the First Panchen Lama. He learned the traps that can ruin our meditation, and he learned how to beat these traps. He described all this in a book called The Devil Debates an Angel, a very funny and profound argument between the Devil and an Angel, inside of one's person's mind.

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This girl levitates all over her city, and then blogs about ir. So cute.

So often I had a repeating dream in my childhood where I would just run a few steps & then just lift off into flight in which I would float around my neighborhood observing things from a bird's eye view.

Japanese photographer Natsumi Hayashi

Japanese photographer Natsumi Hayashi glides through Tokyo without ever really touching her feet to the ground.

I started to lift off the ground. (Open RP 2 to 3 people aloud. Powers aloud)

100 Magical Levitation Photography Examples to Inspire You

100 Magical Levitation Photography Examples to Inspire You