Twig for iPhone- very cool

How to Repair a Damaged USB or Power Cable - We all know the problem too well with our iPhone cords.

WonderCube - The 1 cubic inch wonder device that packs all your smartphone accesories into one compact gadget that fits on your keychain.

16-Year-Old Girl's Invention Could Change the World - Flashlight powered with the heat of your hand!

Typo Keyboard That Turns An iPhone Into A Blackberry | Phone powered fan. #handy #gadgets #tech #iPhone

Ritot - Projection Watch: Projects the time, text messages, emails, calendar and weather alerts, and twitter notifications.

Amazing!!! This keychain functions as a Bluetooth keyboard! Click the picture for other cool gadgets :) #geeky

Touchscreen Keyboard, Remote Control, Calculator – Cool Leaf

i need this for my iPhone

If I had an iPhone, I'd buy this

iStick is taking Kickstarter by storm, the little USB flash drive has a built-in Lightning connector, enabling users to quickly and safely move data between their computers, iPhones, iPads and iPod touches without the annoying need for iTunes or the Internet… The sleek device is available in several colors and and storage capacities, including 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB

iphone case w/stretchy storage // currently just a prototype--hope they put it in to production soon

4 Cool Gadgets for Wish Lists

Waip! contente d'avoir la famille Apple plutot que ces dinosaures! :)

Solar iPhone charger for on the go!

gadget love

1TB USB Game Boy Hard Drive Neeeed !!!!

to record skype sessions

Clé USB keys

Tech Gadgets Charge 5 iPads at Once With Griffin's PowerDock 5 I truly need this it would be a perfect house gift x