assassins creed

The emperor was woefully under guarded! That was an easy mission considering what I was doing!!! - #skyrim #elderscrolls

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Hahaha nice :P

assassins creed

Assassin's Creed in Spaaaaacccccceeeeee

Why is this not a thing?

This Pokémon Park I WANT TO GO

lol xD

Hetalia Germany. This amuses me to no ends

Playing Assassin's Creed

First time gaming online, so true. Also exactly why I'm so scared of playing League of Legends.

Assassins Creed


Gamers will know...

I definitely stopped several times to watch trees swaying in the breeze or check out the cobblestones in Dragon Age: Inquisition and Assassin's Creed Unity. Guilty!

Assassins creed

Gamer Girl

Assassins Creed

#10 Examples of The Life Of A Gamer