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Percy Jackson Camp Half-Blood Necklace I want this then I would get the beads but instead I would get one for each book then when the books series end... Well actually that wont happen if Rick stops writing my life will be over

Percy Jackson Inspired "Hunter of Artemis" on Etsy, $10.00

Meet Annabeth! Listen~ I don't care if you don't what I like. Just PLEASE keep it to yourself. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but it doesn't mean you have to be rude to someone else. ⭐️ ThankYou

Percy Jackson Inspired "SEAWEED BRAIN" Necklace on Etsy, $10.00. I WANT THIS!!!

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book Bracelet. $19.00, via Etsy.(At first I thought the regular sized Lightning Thief was a giant poster,oops.)

Annabeth Chase Percy Jackson Camp HalfBlood Necklace by GreyBird4, $27.00

Percy Jackson- Is this Nico (note the jacket) or Percy (note the hair and face and stuffs)?