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Love the look of this tattoo! Not sure if I could get it myself though.

I LOVE this tattoo!! this means so much to me and its a symbol for me and my best friend abby!! I want this one so bad!! i think me and her should get matching ones of this!!!;)

Thinking below ribs on the side of my back (so it will only be seen if I wear a bikini). If tramp stamps weren't just that, I'd get it there.

i like how the font is just hand nothing elaborate. it looks like normal hand writing.. neat.

Love her tan, outfit & tattoo placement. Lol this all works because her arms are exposed.

miso : home-made tattoos : wildflowers for georgie, traded for her amazing work : melbourne, 2013

ive never seen a tattoo placement like this before! this is cool!

seriously in love with this girls tats....not to mention style