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  • Joanna Newell

    Muqarnas Dome, Hall of the Ywo Sisters, Alhambra Palace, Granada, Spain (photo by christopher rennie). I feel like the Prince of Persia will drop from the ceiling any moment. :)

  • Julsie L

    muqarnas dome, hall of the two sisters, alhambra palace, granada, spain (photo by christopher rennie). Learned about it in art history yesterday. I really want to go there!!!

  • cardamom + honey

    muqarnas, hall of the two sisters, alhambra palace, granada, spain | islamic architecture

  • David Koopmans

    Honeycomb ceiling. I believe that originally the inside was painted blue and gold, representing a starry sky

  • Germaine Conn

    Alhambra, Granada, Spain #Flower Fields

  • Andrea Hernandez

    The hall of the two sisters. The second main chamber in the palace of the lions. The Alhambra, Granada, Spain.

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