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Star Wars characters with class.

Artist John Woo has finally given the world what it needed: Star Wars characters in high fashion.

This is the cutest!!!

"If you give a man a wookiee, he's going to ask for a fast spaceship. When you give him the spaceship, he'll probably ask you for an astromech droid to help with repairs. Once you've reached light speed, he'll ask you for an Alderaan princess.

Feminist Fatigues; Or, What Can Feminism Be in International ...

Star Wars propaganda: we can do it. Join the Rebel Alliance today

...Haha eww

"Not in the house Chewie!", Princess Leia steps in Chewbacca's poop, while Hans Solo goes ballistic!, star wars and Legos.

Rocking Tauntauns And Chewbacca Seat Belt Straps Make Perfect Star Wars Gifts

Coolest bathroom tile ever!  Star Wars!

Star Wars Shower Tile - for my future dream home when all the "boys" have their own bathroom to use.

These would be cute to hang up individually in my nerd baby nursery :D

Wookiee The Chew

Wookie the Chew.art by James Hance.Star Wars meets Winnie the Pooh!

See no evil Hear no evil Speak no evil Star Wars Stormtroopers

Please don't use the force!!

Please don´t use the force!!

"Please don't use the Force" Star Wars sign could be used for PLC 'forces' stating do not use because they are a serous safety risk.

You will never be Darth Vader cool...

You may be epic but you will never be song starts playing when you walk in a room cool. I need John Williams to write me theme music.

Stretchy: Star Wars Yoga

Stretchy: Star Wars Yoga

Do you love yoga? Do you love Star Wars? Well, now you can have both thanks to this brilliant Star Wars Yoga Collection from Rob Osborne on Etsy :) Yoda, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and even Darth

Star Wars Glowing Lightsaber Ice Pop- my nephew is strong with the Force

Star Wars Glowing Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker

i love you i know star wars poster - Recherche Google

Star Wars Inspired Print (Heroes Series: HAN & LEIA) - Is it wrong that I kinda want this?